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01 Jun 2012
DreamMatches.com launches video chat
• 15 Feb 2012
Lawyers site goes live
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Many television and radio celebrities are taking their successful brand and complementing it with an Internet broadcast option. And some, such as Glenn Beck, are even abandoning their cable TV presence completely, in favor of a web-only presence. Moreover, combining this TV and radio streaming with a fully functional Social Networking community makes a compelling offering that will build your audience and your revenue.

Key Features

Own 100% of your advertising revenue. Why share with the networks?
Introduce new revenue opportunities. Rush Limbaugh sells Tea. Laura Ingraham sells books. Now you can sell too.
Own your own social network site. Why create a Facebook page and share your audience with Mark Zuckerberg?
Increase Brand Loyalty. Community members remain customers of an e-business by 50%!

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